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Well,.... this project turned out to be something very different from my original
thoughts. I wanted a small caliber gun based on my .58's pattern. Really, just a
smaller, plainer version to use at the range and chase the squirrel population
around here with. After discussing this with Roy, he told me he had a 7/8"
straight .36 cal GM barrel that he was sure he could rig something up and put
a taper on it for this build. He also had a nice figured red maple blank we
could use. We already had another New England style butt plate and trigger
guard as we had gotten two sets before starting on my .58 build. We pretty
much decided to use the Chambers Late Ketland lock on this one and I figured
no patchbox and I hadn't fully made my mind up about a thumb piece.

Having plenty of time before the build would start, I wasn't totally sold on the
blank we were going to use and decided I really wanted to try to get a blank of
one of the fruit woods that would have also been used here to stock guns then.
It took some searching but I was able to find two Apple wood blanks. One was
for a 38" barreled gun and the other was much shorter and only usable for a
half stock. I was disappointed in the longest blank as it was a figureless,
colorless piece. So I continued to search but came up with nothing more. I
found myself looking more and more at the half stock blank......
The half stock Apple blank.
The Barrel
The Pattern
It finally hit me that this project really should show case a New England Style
half stock, which were known for using  wooden under ribs.  The more I thought
about it, the more it appealed to me. So I went ahead and ordered the half stock
Apple blank and the gun went through a complete redesign.......

About the same time Roy met Charles Burton from Flintlock Const. Inc, a barrel
maker and suggested we put the build off for a couple of months and have a 34"
tapered .36 cal custom barrel made from this company. So we did that. We also
decided to go with a L&R Manton lock and I decided to have another New
England style patchbox installed. I also want tang carving duplicated from a G.
Mathewson gun that resides in the Bennington Museum in Vermont. I decided
the gun will indeed have a thumb piece and sent Roy a nice piece of Ivory of
which I think will make a very nice and unique piece.  The build....
The Ramrod Pipe's
The Pattern ll
The Escutcheon's
The Nose piece
The Patchbox
My N.E Fowler
Roy's Site
My N.E Rifle
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The Trigger Guard
The Cheek Inlay
The Tang Carving
The Thumb Piece
The Toe Plate
The Side Plate's
The Key's
The Lock
The Ramrod
The Sight's
Finished Pic's!