My New England Flintlock Rifle
Being a life long New Englander I just have to have a rifle that could have been
built here in Rhode Island in 1808. New England firearms are uniquely different
from your typical Penn/Kentucky firearms. This project means a great deal to
me and I wanted it to be a tribute to the gunsmiths that lived at that time here.
The rifle will be heavily influenced by Welcome Mathewson's work but it will
not be an exact copy. It will be more of a composite of gunsmiths of this area
with my thoughts thrown into the mix. If I could walk through a portal, travel
through time and walk into a gunsmith shop in the year of 1808, I would sit
down and discuss the gun I wanted to be built. . . . this is what it would be.
The rifles stock will be made from this grade #4 Cherry from Dunlop woods.
The Pattern
The Barrel
The Lock
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Welcome preferred Cherry for gunstock wood and worked with wire inlay
more than he did carvings.
Again, I have asked Roy Stroh to build this Tribute to Rhode Island
gunsmiths of this era for me.
The Castings
The Pattern ll
The Ramrod Pipes
The Butt Plate, Toe Plate
The Trigger
The Final Shaping
The Patchbox
Welcome's personal rifle, horn and day book.
The Wire and Checkering
The Thumb Piece
The Keys
The Signature
The Stain and Finish
Roy's site
My N E
The Engraving
Shooting it.
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First Shot Video
First Deer