This years big Doe I took with my Smoothbore was loaded with fat. The above
pic shows almost 4 lbs from the inside, kidney area. I ended up with just over
20 lbs of fat from her after butchering. So I decided to try rendering some
deer tallow. The first batch I did took most of the day to render and thinking
there had to be a better way , I put the rest of the fat through a grinder which
cut rendering time down to just a few hours!.
After warming it back up and filtering it, I filled up some containers with pure
deer tallow for storage. The above tin holds 3 1/2 lbs of it and I am sending
that to a friend who uses it for water proofing leather boots.
Some I mixed with bear oil. A 1 part tallow/ 1 and a half parts
bear oil mix made for lubing patches.
Heres the cake of rendered tallow that formed above the
water in the pan used to render it.