The Swamp Thunder'ers first day at the range.
March 29, 2007 morning was a little brisk, temps in the 30's and windy but
was a great day!  Felt real good to finally shoot what was just a dream last
December. We made a little Thunder and I really couldn't be anymore
happier as she preformed flawlessly.
Video of the first shot.
These are the first three shots out of the gun at 25 yards. The first shot which
is the lowest on the card board, was with 3 drams of FF Swiss, a Bear greased
.028 patch and a .690 Rush Creek roundball. I then loaded a 3 1/4 dram
charge with the same patch/ball combo. That second shot just barely touched
the paper. Realizing the front sight is a tad to high I loaded another 3 1/4
dram charge, same patch/ball combo and used about half the height of the
front sight. That third shot is within an inch of point of aim. I shot three more
3 1/4 dram loads at 50 yards guestimating where to aim and all where right at
6 o'clock. Ok no problem, right/left looks fine I just have to trim the front

I felt very comfortable shooting that load. Only time I really have a problem
with recoil from any gun, is when they buck the cheek. This gun does not slam
the cheek at all and is a pleasure to shoot.
This is what I'm getting for a pattern at 25 yards with shot loads. This is
with 3 1/4 drams of FF Swiss, four thin overshot wads with pin holes set at
12, 3, 6, 9 o'clock, 1 1/2 oz of #5 nickle plated shot in a index card shotcup
with two cuts running 3/4 their length and another overshot wad on top.
I think I spent more time showing it off and explaining about it to guys who
showed up to shoot this morning, than actually shooting it haha. And that
really made my day!