My New England Fowler.
I think it's safe to say, I'm hooked on Flintlocks. So I've taken the next step.
I met a lot of good people on the long journey I took during my tribute to
Lewis and Clark.  The good people at were a wealth
of information from gun building to hunting. In my time there, I've made
some good friends. After getting to know one of the builders, Roy Stroh, I
told him about a gun I'd like to have built. He recommended the book,
Flintlock Fowlers by Tom Grinslade to get some ideas.

After some discussion I commissioned Roy to build my vision of a New
England Fowler. I settled on a gun that will be patterned after Jim Chambers
stock pattern for a New England Fowler. Gunbuilder Mike Brooks built a
New England Fowler using a Chambers stock that was absolutely beautiful
and I blame that gun for fueling the fire here and making me want to build
one. The gun will be built around a Colerain "D" profile 32" 12ga.
smoothbore barrel. Making it easy for me to load and hunt with. I realize
purists will have a fit about the short barrel but that can't be helped. I would
give anything to be able to stand and utilize a gun with a 46" barrel but that's
just not going to happen. The lock will be a Jim Chambers Colonial Virginia
Flintlock . I wanted a heavy French influence and picked out a set of brass
furniture to reflect that. Studying Grinslade's book, I settled on the
carving/moulding of NE 18 on page 50 of his book. I've also requested some
silver wire inlay work be done on both sides of the upper butt stock. All this
will be done on a beautiful piece of  Sugar Maple. Hard as glass and
beautifully figured!
The making of my  " Marais  Tonnerre'er "
" Swamp Thunder'er "
Roy can be reached at here.
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