I had to change my plans of using a custom short rifle this year, as I just wasn't
able to finish it the way I wanted to before the season started. So I decided to
use my 1792 Contract rifle this final year of the Tribute. I complain about it's
length, weight and how awkward it is to use but the dang thing does shoot.

Oct 11, 2006  In my 27 years of hunting Prudence Island, I've never seen so few
deer and such a poor acorn crop as this year. I saw one deer all day on stand
and that's just unheard of. After another disappointing morning of seeing only
a couple small deer, I decided not to pass on a good size Doe if one gave me a
good shot. This one did at 5:00pm giving me a broadside shot at 70 yards. She
weighed in at 90 lbs hog dressed and became the 18 th deer I've taken by
muzzle loader and 5 th deer taken by Flintlock off the Island since 1991.