After watching me play around with Flintlocks, my uncle started hinting
around that he might want one. So I made a deal with him. He hunts bear with
bow every year up in New Brunswick. I told him I'll build you a rifle if you
shoot a bear with it. That's something I'm not able to do so he'll have to for me.
And I want the fat!
Completed rifle first day at the range 5/17/06. My goal was to make him a rifle
that he would want to use....nothing "Period Correct" about this. I wanted a
nice handling, simple, rugged rifle built for bear and hopefully when it come
time for Whitetails, one that would make him want to reach for it instead of his
high tech Omega.
I used a Pecatonia River # 2 Maple Hawken Fullstock cut for a 1" straight
barrel and 7/16 ramrod channel. Had a Green Mountain 36" .58 cal barrel cut
at 30" and rebreeched. I chose a Chambers Classic Ketland lock and used a
Fowler trigger guard I had laying around collecting dust.
I let him choose the sights and the finish of the metal parts, he chose adjustable
buckhorn sights and everything was browned. The stock was stained with 3
coats of Nitrate of Iron and finished with Tung oil.
She weighs in just over 8 lbs and has a very nice 4 lb single trigger. I slinged it
and personalized it by inlaying an oval I cut from a piece of Mammoth Ivory
into the cheek piece and scratched his initals into it. I finished it up by coning it
with one of Joe Woods coning tools.

Dam if she don't shoot too!