My uncle harvested a Bear last year and gave me some fat to make Bear oil out
of. I tried but never having done it before or seen it done, I ended up with what
looked like hard "crisco". Although still usable, it wasn't what I wanted...

Well this year the boy's got lucky up in the Adirondacks and harvested two
small bears. I was able to get a few lbs of fat and was determined to make my
own oil this year.

An unused electric Wok on a shelf kept catching my eye as I prepared for the
fat to arrive. I took it down and plugged it in. Using a thermometer, I adjusted
the heat to 175 - 180 degrees and thought, this could work. I got a piece of
wood and propped up the back legs and made sure it was stable. My thought
was, this would give me a nice little reservoir that I could dip a spoon into.
This shows some of the cracklings and a puddle of of oil in front. Obviously this
is geared to a small operation and suits my needs just fine. I made sure the fat
was clean, absolutely no meat, no blood just bear fat. I cut the fat into small
pieces and used a potato masher from time to time. Covered the Wok and
checked it every 20 to 30 minutes.

I spooned the oil out and used a filter above the jar to filter any crackling
pieces and anything else. Filled four jars and let them sit.
Heres three of the four jars I ended up with. I put them in the frig for a week
then took them out and let them sit at room temp. You can see the clear oil
rising to the top. I was very happy to see this as this is what I want. I find the
smell  not offensive at all.
My jars continue to produce oil, the jar on top contains over 6 oz of pure clear
bear oil. I will use this  to lubricate my Flintlocks and the left over lard will be
used to make bear grease for my patches.
Heres some I put up in what appear to be 1oz or close to it, corked bottles. Just
about perfect size for the possibles bag.
I got some neat storage bottles that hold 7oz each to store my oil in.
Well some time has passed since I took down that Wok. I got tired of messing
around with it or coffee cans and double boilers. I've graduated to a 7 quart
Crock Pot. Using it for the first time in August 2011 set on "Warm" setting it
worked like a charm and this is how I'll be rendering bear fat for now on.
Just two of the several jars I have settling.